Legislative Committee

2023-2024 Legislative Committee Members and Contact Information: [email protected]

Chair: Tom Wright | [email protected]
Executive Legislative Liaison: Tom Wright
Lobbyist: Tim Wilkin | Capitol Strategies, Inc. | [email protected]

This committee serves as the voice of MAHU to Minnesota legislators at both the state and federal levels. It performs the following duties:

  • Communicates with NABIP on state and federal legislative issues.
  • Articulate and communicates MAHU positions related to health care finance.
  • Collects, collates, and coordinates opinions and feedback from MAHU members related to legislative issues.
  • Amplifies the “voice” of MAHU and their clients concerning legislative issues.
  • Maintains contact with Minnesota and other key members of Congress.
  • Represents MAHU at the NABIP Capital Conference in Washington, D.C. each year.
  • Promotes to MAHU members, attends, and participates in “Day on the Hill” at the Minnesota Legislature.
  • Gives direction to and supervises the MAHU lobbyists and legislative research efforts.
  • Participates in monthly NABIP Regional Meetings and NABIP legislative calls.